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The German translation and interpretation program equips students with the latest skill sets for exciting and rewarding careers.


We have a well-connected and influential alumni network that is eager to help you launch your career. Our recent graduates are sought after around the world by high-profile companies and international organizations, including eBay, BMW, Google, Apple, Deutsche Bahn AG, Daimler AG, the U.S. Department of State, Deutscher Bundestag, and Salesforce. Many of our graduates are very successful freelance translators and interpreters.


Most students pursue internships during the summer and winter breaks at organizations like the German Academic Exchange Service, Fry & Bonthrone, and Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH (DFS).

Course Work

Thanks to our small class sizes, you will receive individual attention, immediate feedback, and intensive mentoring from your professors, greatly accelerating your development.

Courses are content-based, with a focus on international relations, law, environmental protection, sustainable energy, economics, medicine, biotechnology, science, and technology. Your faculty bring real-world experience in different sectors to the classroom, giving students a broad perspective of the professional field.

You will also participate in cross-language practicum courses and study groups, where you have the chance to interact with students from all languages taught at the Middlebury Institute.

International Students

Our international students greatly benefit from the immersive English environment at the Middlebury Institute. Upon graduation, international students may be able to take advantage of Optional Practical Training (OPT) to work in the U.S.


Our faculty are active professionals who bring a broad range of experience and expertise to their teaching, having translated and interpreted for organizations that include the U.S. State Department, the German Parliament, the European Economic Community (EEC), the Olympics, and many more. They foster strong mentoring relationships with students, providing guidance on academic performance and career opportunities.

Regular Faculty

Andrea Hofmann-Miller

Associate Professor; Program Head, German Translation and Interpretation

McCone Building M104

Adjunct Faculty

Joe McClinton

GSTI Adjunct Faculty

McCone Building

Michael Schubert

T&I Adjunct

McCone Building
Office Hours:
Upon request

Faculty Emeriti

Jacolyn Harmer

Professor Emerita


Student Wins United Nations Translation Contest

In her first year in the MA in Conference Interpretation, Theresa Waldhäusl won the United Nations’ annual St. Jerome Translation Contest in the English into German category, traveling to Switzerland to accept her award at the UN’s Geneva headquarters. Read more.

Three Institute Students Excel in United Nations Translation Contest

Once again, Middlebury Institute students in the translation and interpretation programs excelled in the United Nations-sponsored St. Jerome’s Translation Contest. Held for the 14 time in 2019, the contest is organized by the Conference Management Service of the United Nations at Vienna. Read more.