Watch recordings of online discussions with Middlebury Institute experts on a wide range of topics.

International Security

Money Laundering, Fraud, and Financial Crime in a Pandemic Era

Timothy Dunfey (CAMS, CFE, Attorney, and Bank Compliance Officer), Ross S. Delton (CAMS, Attorney, and Expert Witness), and Professor Moyara Ruehsen explore seven typologies for COVID-related money laundering and fraud, conducting customer due diligence, and detecting red flags. View the presentation slides.

Money Laundering, Fraud, and Financial Crime in a Pandemic Era

How AI and Deep Fakes Will Amplify Terrorist Propaganda

Kris McGuffie, deputy director of Center on Terrorism, Extremism, and Counterterrorism (CTEC), and Alex Newhouse, digital research lead at CTEC, investigate how Artificial Intelligence (AI) and “deep fakes for text” are being weaponized in the hands of nonstate, nefarious actors.

How AI and Deep Fakes will Amplify Terrorist Propaganda

Is Domestic Terrorism a Greater Threat than Transnational Terrorism?

Professor Jason Blazakis, director of the Center for Terrorism, Extremism, Counterterrorism (CTEC), discusses the current threat landscape and the steps policymakers should take to counter the rise of the right-wing terrorists in the U.S.

Is Domestic Terrorism a Greater Threat than Transnational Terrorism?

Snooping on North Korea from Monterey

The Center for Nonproliferation Studies (CNS) at the Middlebury Institute has been heavily featured in the news recently for their groundbreaking work, analyzing North Korea’s nuclear program. Jeffrey Lewis, Director of the East Asia Nonproliferation Program at the CNS and faculty member in our MA in Nonproliferation and Terrorism Studies, explains how we use language skills, satellite photographs, and 3D models to monitor North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs, all without ever leaving the splendor of the Monterey Peninsula.

Snooping on North Korea from Monterey

Latest Advancements in North Korea’s Nuclear Program 

North Korea has had five nuclear tests and dozens of missile launches in the last few years. Senior Research Associate with the Center for Nonproliferation Studies Melissa Hanham shows how we can learn about North Korea’s capabilities using open source information available online.

Latest Advancements in North Korea's Nuclear Program

Russia on the Eve of 2018 Elections

Dr. Anna Vassilieva, director of the Graduate Initiative in Russian Studies, speaks about contemporary Russian politics and society through the lens of the presidential elections in spring 2018. The discussion addresses what unites and divides Russians today, stories missed by U.S. mainstream media, what needs to be done in order to normalize relations between the United States and Russia, and more.

Russia on the Eve of 2018 Elections

Manafort’s Money: Investigating Financial Crimes

The extent to which financial crime impacts our international order cannot be overstated. From nuclear proliferation to political upheaval to global terrorism; where threats exist, financial backing is making them possible. In this online discussion, Dr. Moyara Ruehsen discusses financial crimes through the lens of Paul Manafort’s recent money laundering case.

Manafort's Money: Investigating Financial Crime - Moyara Ruehsen

The World of Financial Crime

Professor Moyara Ruehsen explains the new Financial Crime Management specialization (available in all degree programs) and the exciting careers it opens up—from investigative units at private banks to the FBI to compliance at tech companies like AirBnB.

The World of Financial Crime

U.S.-China Trade War or Tech War?

Professor Wei Liang and Professor Robert Rogowsky, co-chairs of the MA in International Trade and Economic Diplomacy, discuss the ongoing US-China trade war. On the surface, this trade war has been driven by trade imbalance and job loss in the U.S. But it is a battle for tech dominance in disguise.

U.S.-China: Trade War or Tech War?

Language, Culture, and Education

Education and Action in a Time of Bigotry and Racism: What Am I Going To Do?

Professor and Chief Diversity Officer, Dr. Pushpa Iyer, discusses how to combine activism with your education in the fight for racial equity and social justice.

Education and Action in a Time of Bigotry and Racism

Localization—Your Global Career at the Intersection of Language, Culture, Business, and Technology

Companies like Netflix are eager to hire people who can enable global communication and growth in new markets. Learn how you can develop your language, business, technical, and intercultural competence through our on-site and online programs to quickly advance your career in the fast-growing language services industry. Professor Max Troyer, chair of our Translation and Localization Management (TLM) programs, elaborates on this exciting industry.

Localization—Your Global Career at the Intersection of Language, Culture, Business, and Technology

You Love Languages. So, Now What? Turning Advanced Language Skills into a Fulfilling Career

Multilingual communication is more important than ever before, and speaking multiple languages can give you a leg up on the competition. But good information on how to turn your love of languages into a fulfilling career can be hard to come by. Join Professor Barry Slaughter Olsen for an insider’s view of the language professions and how to figure out if being a language pro is for you.

You Love Languages. So, Now What? Turning Advanced Language Skills into a Fulfilling Career

Exploring Social Justice in Language Education

Dr. Netta Avineri and Dr. Deniz Ortactepe from the TESOL and Teaching Foreign Language programs explore the diverse ways that social justice and language education are connected. They describe what social justice in language education is and show you how you can focus on this area. They also discuss their own research, projects, and initiatives that you can get involved with.

Exploring Social Justice in Language Education

Finding a Career in the $40 Billion Language and Technology Industry (plus STEM information)

Localization is the process of adapting a product or content to a specific locale or market. The language services industry recently surpassed the $40 billion mark and is projected to continue its rapid growth. There is a great need in this industry for localization professionals who are proficient in translation, technology, and business skills. Middlebury Institute alumna and career advisor Winnie Heh shares information about how to prepare for these new career opportunities in this webinar.

This updated version of our discussion with Winnie features information on our MA in Translation and Localization Management now being designated a STEM program and the benefits that provides for international students.

Finding a Career in the Language and Technology Industry (plus STEM information)

Wanted: Japanese Language Professionals 

The demand (and earning potential) for professionals with Japanese language skills is significant. Top companies such as Honda, Netflix, Salesforce, Nintendo, and AFLAC are desperately seeking professionals trained in Japanese translation, interpretation, and localization management. Winnie Heh, Career Advisor, and Professor Tanya Williams of the Japanese Translation, Interpretation, and Localization Management programs will discuss this growing career field that can lead to high-earning and fulfilling career opportunities for individuals with the right language skills and training.

Wanted: Japanese Language Professionals

International Student Mobility: Why Student Exchange is More Important than Ever  

Dr. Anne Campbell has done extensive research on the intersection of international development and education. She discusses the current political climate for exchange programs, and why she encourages the U.S. to increase funding for international student scholarships.

International Student Mobility

Careers and Trends in International Education

Professor Katherine Punteney, program chair and founder of the International Education Management (IEM) program at the Middlebury Institute and Grace O’Dell, career and academic advisor for the IEM program, for a discussion of trends in International Education. With Dr. Punteney and Grace, explore career opportunities available with a degree in International Education Management.

Careers and Trends in International Education

Sustainable Development

The Policy and Politics of the Green New Deal

With climate change accelerating and the Trump administration rolling back environmental protections, the Democrats have come out with an ambitious new plan to go big on climate policy, called the “Green New Deal.” Professor Jason Scorse, chair of our MA in International Environmental Policy, will discuss both the policy and politics of this new agenda.

The Policy & Politics of the Green New Deal

Living with Climate Change: How Innovative Initiatives Could Save Our Coastal Cities  

Recent extreme weather events—including Hurricane Irma—have starkly revealed human vulnerabilities to climate change, especially in large coastal cities. What can be done—and what is being done—to increase resilience? Professor Lyuba Zarsky is spearheading research on new approaches to climate resilient coastal infrastructure. In this online discussion, she outlines and assesses initiatives by city governments, community groups, and businesses to increase resilience through investment and governance strategies.

Living with Climate Change

Are Surfers Raising Your Rent? How Environments Affect Our Economy

In this interactive discussion Dr. Jason Scorse, chair of the International Environmental Policy program and director of the Center for the Blue Economy uses recent investigations into the impact popular surfing locations have on local economies as a window into the value of economizing our natural resources in service of their protection.

How Environments Affect our Economy

Development Practice and Policy on the West Coast

Many of our students are planning to work in Washington D.C. after they graduate. Our large and influential alumni network in the capital highlight how well we prepare you for this step. Join Dr. Beryl Levinger, chair of Development and Practice Program, which includes the MPA and International Policy and Development degrees, as she explains why the Middlebury Institute is an excellent place to launch your career, whether your path leads to D.C. or another center of international activity.

International Policy on the West Coast

The Culture of Innovation at the Middlebury Institute   

Join Dr. Jeffrey Langholz to learn about how one student and faculty collaboration resulted in a $50,000 prize and a highly successful innovative business, Water City.

The Culture of Innovation